Sunday, August 03, 2008

Kids Need Stamps

“Kids Need Stamps” has put together free starter-kits to assist parents help their children become interested in stamp collecting.

On their blogsite the group informs parents about getting started, supplies, and topics. As a result the group believes closer relationships are forged between parents and children.

Founder Mark Antony Rossi writes, "The beauty of stamp collecting is a lack of pressure. You don't have to be an expect. You don't have a large budget. You don't have scream about from the rooftops or shield it from the world. You can start small. You start big. Start with America. Go to Europe and check out Africa. There's no deadline, no pressure. Another charming facet of stamp collecting is the clever flexibilty it allows by being both an individual hobby and a joint project with parents."

He goes on to say,"If you believe, as I do, kids need stamps, then you must conclude, parents need a hand to prepare them for a smooth transition to the hobby. And that is where, "Kids Need Stamps" comes into play. I will mail out, free of charge, a small starter kit, to help you understand how to start learning and maybe even loving postage stamps of the world. The most amazing thing is you really don't have to know much to start, and you, as a parent, can actually learn with your child, and create a stronger bond of trust and communication."
You can contact Mark at

To visit his website, click here.
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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM