Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Postman Pat Promoted

In the hit BBC television series Postman Pat Special Delivery Service, Pat has been promoted and reassigned to a high-tech sorting office according to the UK's Times.

That's all fine and dandy in the cartoon world of Postman Pat, who started out as a village postie.

But there's a problem in real life.

Postal workers are angry and upset that Pat not only gets to keep his job - he gets promoted as well.

"The move to update Postman Pat for the 21st century, equipping him with a personal digital aide, helicopter and even a stunt bike is seen as a step too far β€” especially when dozens of village post offices are facing closure," writes Valerie Elliott, Countryside Editor for the Times.

Postmistress Dianne Bath is quoted in the article as saying, β€œHe seems to have deserted the village post office.”

Postman Pat was created in 1981. The post office on which the show is based was a depiction of a real life British post office which closed years ago.

Since then hundreds of other village post offices throughout England have been shuttered as a result of economic cutbacks.

Shown above, Postman Pat and his cat, Jess.

To read the entire article, click here.
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