Monday, October 13, 2008

Rattlesnake Bites Florida Postman is reporting, "Forget rain, sleet or snow. The bite of a poisonous snake didn't keep mail carrier Efraim Arango from his mail route on Friday."

The 66-year-old Arango was bitten on his left index finger as he put mail inside a box. After being bitten, he smacked the snake against his car door to break its grip.

Arango then continued to deliver mail for another 30 minutes. Only when his deliveries were completed did Arango drive himself back to the New Tampa station and told his supervisor what happened. She immediately called 911.

According to the report, the snake was likely an eastern diamondback rattlesnake.

Shown above, Arango in his hospital bed. Arango stayed at the hospital overnight and is expected to make a full recovery.

He's quoted as saying he wants people, especially children, to know what happened to him, and to be watchful of snakes in their mailboxes.

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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM