Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stamps of the Philippines

The Filipino Journal reports a new book, Stamps of the Philippines: Historical and Topical Collections 1854-2004 by Dr. Mina Gabor, is now available.

The making of Stamps of the Philippines began in 1999, although the idea was born in 1986, when author Dr. Mina T. Gabor took out her late grandfather’s stamp collection from the bank vault for cleaning and review.

According to the article, "Its completion took eight years of extensive research, poring over an estimated 4,000 individual issues and posted letters, trips abroad to hunt out the earliest stamps valued at thousands of dollars in such hidey-holes as the vaults of Museo de Madrid, and members of her team consulting around 20 expert philatelists."

The resulting book now provides a definitive categorization of Philippine stamps, using the historical periods - the Spanish Dominion, Aguinaldo Revolutionary Government, American Administration, Commonwealth Period, Japanese occupation and succeeding Victory Period, and the Philippine Republic.

For more information,contact Molave Publishing at The cost is $149.00 plus mailing and handling.

Shown above, Dr. Mina Gabor signs a distribution agreement with Molave Publishing Company Inc., publishers of the Filipino Journal to sell and distribute her new book commemorating the hisrtory of Philippine postage stamps.

To read the entire article, click here.
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