Thursday, July 09, 2009

Al Sharpton and a Michael Jackson Stamp

Over the weekend I received an e-mail from Dan Berman of KTLA, Channel 5 News, here in Los Angeles wanting to do an interview with me regarding Rev. Al Sharpton's remarks that Michael Jackson deserved to be honored on a US Postage stamp.

Dan had read the Round-Up post I did on the British Virgin Island stamp featuring Jackson and wanted to know more about who could and could not be on a US postage stamp.

So I invited Dan and his cameraman over to the house and they did a segment with me in my office/stamp nook.

In the background I had a large picture of the 1992 Elvis stamp which is shown here. I said while Michael was no doubt deserving of a stamp, he was going to have go through the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee and wait at least 5 years under current USPS rules.

Elvis had a longer wait because back then you couldn't be on a stamp for at least 10 years after you passed away. The only exception, then and now, being US Presidents.

I also pointed out that there was a contest held for the Elvis stamp and people got to vote for a picture of young Elvis or one of an old Elvis on the stamp. The young one won out and the stamp went on to be one of the most popular US commemorative stamps ever issued.

I suggested that perhaps the same should be done for a Michael Jackson stamp.

Shown above, cameraman Michael McGregor, me (in a stamp adorned Hawaiian shirt) and KTLA reporter Dan Berman.

For more on the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee and who and what can be on a US postage stamp click here.
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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM