Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Retired Teacher Shares Stamp Collection

Marva Moss likes sharing her stamp collection with others.

A teacher for more than 33 years, Marva - who retired Sept. 1 after spending nine years with the Brunswick County, North Carolina schools - would often display her collections for students as an educational tool according to an article that appeared in North Carolina's StarNews.

Marva stresses the importance of hobbies, and says she often reminds her children to take up their own writes reporter Brandon Sneed.

She's quoted as saying, ""I think it's nice that kids have some kind of non-technology things to do. Without their fingers clicking and sitting in front of a computer."

While Marva collects stamps honoring famous African Americans, she's also on the lookout for items related to some less well know personages who may or may not have been on a stamp.

A good example is a black scientist Charles Turner, who studied ants.

According to Marva, he discovered ants hold funeral processions. An organized team encircles the funeral site; other ants gather to observe and others carry up the body, which is then buried.

Anyone know of any ants (dead or alive) on stamps?

Shown above, Marva displays some of her stamp collection at a local library.

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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM