Sunday, December 27, 2009

Phillipine Exhibit Offers University Insight Into History

Philippine Daily Inquirer reports, "A group of hobbyists have formed the Dumaguete Stamp Collectors’ Club to tell the whole world about the joys of their favorite pastime. One way of spreading the word is by holding exhibits, so the club members displayed their collections last week at the Museo Vicente at Foundation University."

According to the article by Alex Pal, the university president, who is also an avid stamp collector, opened the exhibit, titled “Thematics and Accumulations,” and was "awed" by the material displayed.

The exhibit, which was arranged according to theme, attracted professionals and students, even from outside the university.

Gary Rosales, club president is quoted as saying that the public viewing of their collections had given them pleasure. “Your joy is not complete if you don’t display them,” he said.

As a bank manager, Rosales looks at stamps as a good investment. “Weight-wise, stamps are more valuable than gold or platinum.”

Another collector, Lito Diago said in the piece, “As a stamp collector, you have to appreciate history,” and that his hobby gives him a rare insight into history.

Shown above, a 1954 stamp marking the 100th anniversary of the first Philippine stamps.

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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM