Thursday, May 27, 2010

Students' Art Turned Into Stamps

Minnesota's Spring Grove Herald reports two local youngsters recently had their works of art turned into postage stamps after attending a painting class for fifth through 12th grade students. Sponsored by the local library, the students learned about artist Pablo Picasso and then painted their own masterpieces following his style.

The idea came from Spring Grove Postmaster Patty McManimon-Moe who is quoted in the piece by Marlene Deschler as saying, "I receive an Internet newsletter through the post office and in one edition a postage stamp design contest in Cavour, S.D., was featured. I called that postmaster and talked with her about how they ran the contest and other details."

After the painting classes were complete, a committee voted on the paintings they felt would best be represented on a stamp.

Patty donated a framed set of customized stamps to each of the winners for them to have as a keepsake. The stamps are also for sale for $8.80 for a sheet of 20.  The stamps actually cost more but the town is paying the difference so that postal customers may purchase them for the same amount as a normal stamp.
Shown above, The Picasso stamp winners hold their framed stamps. In the center is Postmaster Patty McManimon-Moe.

To read the enitre article, click here.
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