Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Famous Stamp Collectors

The 2-Clicks Stamps website posts a list of famous stamp collectors.

While some are well known - Franklin D. Roosevelt, George Linn, John Lennon, Freddie Mercury and Prince Rainer III of Monaco - many are not.

Among those listed...

Ad Indusophon - This lady is a well-known philatelist from Siam. She built a foundation in Thailand to promote youth philately. Her Cape of Good Hope Triangular stamp collection won the International Grand Prix in Toronto in 1996.

Pichai Buranasombati - One of Britain’s top postage stamp collectors. His famous philatelic collection of the Malayan Straits Settlement stamps won the Singapore National Grand Prix in 1995. His notable Burmese stamps collection was hailed in the Indepex National Grand Prix in 1997.

Philip Ward Jr. - World-famous philatelist celebrated for buying stamps that were rare and classic specimens. Ward was also highly acclaimed for his collection of US revenue stamps, matchbox labels, and medicine stamps with inverted centers.  Ward was also the key person who advocated the importance of first day covers. This achievement highlighted Ward as one of the world's popular philatelists.

William Woodbury Hicks - Renowned American philatelist. He founded the Three cent 1851-1857 Unit of the American Philatelic Society. He held the largest and most complete collection of U.S railroad stamp cancels from the 1830s to 1861.

Shown above, President Franklin D. Roosevelt working on his stamp collection.

To read about some other famous stamp collectors and philatelists, click here.
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