Thursday, December 16, 2010

Give The Gift of a Hobby

Gretchen Moody, director of education for the American Philatelic Society, writes on Pennsylvania's Centre Daily website, "When thinking about gifts for children this holiday season, why not consider the gift of a new hobby? With children spending countless hours watching television, playing video games and on computers, it’s more important than ever to introduce them the wide range of leisure activities."

Gretchen, shown here, points out, "A hobby such as stamp collecting can open a world of discoveries. Every stamp has something of interest and with more than 200 countries issuing stamps year after year since the 1840s, there is a lot to discover," and goes on to say, "This holiday season, consider introducing a child to a new hobby. Whether it be stamp or coin collecting, making model airplanes, crafting jewelry or another hobby, a gift certificate for something like an introductory class could be the start of a lifetime passion."

Facebook friend, Gerrie Schmidt, writes, "Great idea to give the gift of a hobby...but not just for children. How about baby-boomer retirees who've been workaholics most of their lives?"

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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM