Thursday, March 03, 2011

Canadian Students 'Collect' Stamps for the Poor

Canada's Tillsonburg News reports, "Since October, Straffordville Public School's Kindergarten to Grade 8 classes have been collecting stamps to help raise money for an international aid group."

Teacher Deborah Kelliher said in the article by Michael Peeling that the grand total of stamps came to 57,750 once students finished counting. She went to say that the proceeds from the stamp sales will be used "to buy food and medical supplies for those in need.. in the Americas, the Horn of Africa, Southern Africa and Southeast Asia."

OxFam Canada will receive the stamps the children collected. The nonprofit group will use the proceeds from the sale of the stamps to help "champion basic human rights of those suffering through poverty and injustice."

Eighth grade student Genna Klassen is quoted as saying, "I really enjoyed doing this project because it's so easy. Stamps don't cost anything. If you get them in the mail, you can just cut them out. It's just a great way to help the poor without having to do too much."

Some of the older students pointed out that the youngest students collected the most stamps in the school, bringing in large boxes full as shown above.

To read the entire article, click here.
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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM