Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stamp Catalogues - Can't Live Without Them

Canadian Ron Tabbert(aka The Stamp Guy) writes about "those ubiquitous catalogues" that start coming out in a few weeks.

Ron pens, "Catalogues come in many stripes and serve many purposes. They let us know what is available, even if we aren’t looking to purchase. They furnish our dreams, spur our desire for things we didn’t know we 'needed'. For stamp collectors, it can get as bad as lottery tickets and gambling. 'Know your limit' before you even look."

According to Ron, " 1868, John Walter Scott, a New York dealer, printed a 21-page pamphlet listing all US and foreign stamps issued from 1840 to Date. Every stamp was assigned a number and value. Over the years, Scott’s Standard Postage Catalogue has grown to six volumes, over 6000 pages. Canada’s latest stamp will be about #2400."

"Other companies, especially in Europe, print their own catalogues. Gibbons, in Great Britain, is focused on the British Empire," Ron says, " but it now issues various country and regional volumes as well. Michel is in German, but is another standard. The Unitrade Catalog is an excellent, full-colour, detailed Canada listing. Though I find their price estimates a bit high compared to the market at large, their information is most excellent and helpful."

Ron has ordered a complete set of 2012 Scott’s for himself and is anxiously awaiting the first volume in April. When he's got all six volumes [$420 plus $40 shipping] sometime in the Fall, some lucky person in his stamp club will get his old 2004 set as a door prize.

To read the entire article, click here.
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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM