Friday, January 06, 2012

'Support Our Soldiers' Appeal Gets Surprise Stamp Donation

Britain's Leicester Mercury reports, "A Leicester girl collecting stamps for a military charity was stunned when a donor brought her more than one million. Alex Windram, 10, was amazed to be given 24 bags of used stamps for her Support Our Soldiers appeal."

Alex (shown above) is quoted as saying, "I couldn't believe it when I saw how many there were. There were massive Royal Mail sacks everywhere which were full of stamps. It's the biggest collection I've ever seen and I would like to thank Mrs. Brown so much. I really can't believe how many stamps she has given us."

According to the article, "Due to the predicted age of some of the stamps Amy is set to donate from Dr Beeby's collection, their sale could fetch £1,000...The stamp appeal is one of several aiding Support Our Soldiers, which helps members of the British armed forces serving overseas and their families...The funds raised will help fill parcels of shower gels, sweets, biscuits and other items for soldiers."

To read the entire article, click here.
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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM