Tuesday, May 15, 2012

From a Post Office Far, Far Away

Erin Blasco posts on the National Postal Museum's blog, Pushing The Envelope, "A stamp marked 'Magyar Posta' is from Hungary. 'Deutsche Post' is from Germany. But stamps purporting to be from Tatooine or Alderaan, fictional planets from the Star Wars saga, are pure fantasy. That didn’t stop London-based graphic artist Stefan van Zoggel from creating postage stamps from the high tech world of droids and the Millennium Falcon. He even designed a fictional postmark featuring R2-D2 as postmaster general."

Blasco goes on to say the US Postal Service has issued its own Star Wars stamps, "although they're probably not enough postage to be used on interplanetary mail."

Blasco would like to know, "What fictional world do you think should get its own postage stamps next? Stamps inspired by "Lord of the Rings" for the sending of postcards between Minas Tirith and Pelennor Fields? Narnia? And how about postal service between the Twelve Colonies of "Battlestar Galactica?" And who would you appoint postmaster general?"

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posted by Don Schilling at 12:51 AM