Monday, May 07, 2012

Keeper of The Queen's Stamps Visits Bermuda

Bermuda's reports,"Mr [Micahel] Sefi, the official Keeper of the Queen’s stamps, was recently in Bermuda to oversee some of the Queen’s most valuable stamps that were briefly on display in a special exhibition at the Masterworks Museum in the Botanical Gardens.

The stamps were part of an existing exhibition at Masterworks commemorating the 200th anniversary of Bermuda’s Post Office.

Reporter Jessie Moniz pens, "In today’s world of flashy technology, few children have the patience for stamp collecting, but when Mr Sefi was a boy, stamp collecting was all the rage. It was the height of excitement to pour over the little slips of paper depicting the faraway countries they came from."

According to the article, "Mr Sefi worked in the finance industry for many years, before taking early retirement. He eventually became President of the Great Britain Philatelic Society and was on the council of the Royal Philatelic Society. He also helped with several stamp exhibitions organised in London. Meanwhile, Charles Goodwin, who was then Keeper of the Queen’s stamps, asked him if he wanted to help with the Queen’s collection, and he agreed. Then Mr Goodwin fell ill unexpectedly and had to retire and Mr Sefi stepped in."

"Mr Sefi’s job involves administering the collection, logging and filing new acquisitions, conservation work and also dealing with researchers. He has also accompanied parts of the collection to various parts of the world to oversee exhibitions," writes Moniz.

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posted by Don Schilling at 12:00 AM