Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flag Day USA!

Today is Flag Day USA!

According to Todd R. Uebele, Sr., creator of the the "Flag over Porch" stamp website, "The United States Flag was officially adopted by The Continental Congress on June 14, 1777. It was selected as the Nation's Flag in 1877. New York State started in 1897 to celebrate the Flag annually on June 14. Finally in 1949, Congress officially recognized June 14 as 'Flag Day'. We have been celebrating our 'Stars and Stripes' annually since then."

Uebele writes, "The US Flag first appeared on postage stamps in 1869 with the 'Eagle and Shield' Stamp [seen above],  Scott #121 & 131. Many Flag stamps have appeared over the years. A very attractive 4 cent 48 star Flag stamp, Scott #1094 was issued in 1956. This was followed by a 49 star stamp, Scott #1132 in 1959, and then a 50 star stamp, Scott #1153 was issued in 1960."

He goes on to say, " From 1960 thru 1995, the USPS issued several 'Flag over . . . .' Stamps in both commemorative and definitive formats. In 1995, after the 'G' Flags, USPS issued the newly designed "Flag Over Porch" (FOP) series. It is interesting to note that these were the first stamps to have the year date printed on the bottom of the stamp. Also these stamps were the first regular issue stamps to be offered in both the water activated and self adhesive formats concurrently."

He then talks about the different "Flag Over Porch" formats.

To visit his website, click here.
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