Thursday, October 04, 2012

Memphis Stamp and Postcard Show

Memphis, Tennessee's Commercial Appeal reports, "Since the Penny Post was first issued in 1860 in Great Britain, a niche of people have been drawn to stamps. Irrespective of national boundaries or cultural differences. This fraternity includes about 20 million Americans."

Dick Scott, who is president of the Memphis Stamp Collectors Society and chairman of the Memphis Stamp and Postcard Show being held this weekend at Agricenter International Expo Center is quoted by writer Jim Coleman as saying,""The heyday of stamp collecting was the 1930s through the 1960s"

Coleman points out, "In that period, the issuance of stamps around the world flourished. As American soldiers returned from around the globe following the World Wars, so did stamps from far-off places that most people had never heard of. Stamp collections became as common as baseball card collections."

Darrell Mack, who is an executive committee member with the Memphis Stamp Collector Society, is also quoted and believes, "The show gives collectors the ability to find stamps they don't have. You can also negotiate with dealers instead of just paying the price on eBay."

Shown above, former president of the Memphis Stamp Collectors Society Ron Williams (left) and current president Dick Scott. This weekend's show will also include competitive stamp exhibits and award trophies. 

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