Friday, October 17, 2008

Volunteers Raise Funds Through Stamps

As a thank you for the work done by area garden clubs, an Illinois elementary school is collecting stamps for the state's Audobon's "Stamps for Wildlife Habitat" program.

Reporter Lauren Traut of the Frankfort Station newspaper in Frankfort,IL, writes, "In the springtime, the courtyard at Grand Prairie is nature's classroom. Tadpoles dart around a small pond and the breeze fans floral scents across the area."

She goes on to say it wasn't always that way. The work of volunteers like Kay MacNeil and the Frankfort Area Garden Club and other area garden clubs inspired by MacNeil, transformed the spot into a living classroom.

To help repay the favor, the Grand Prairie principal and assistant principal are participating in the Illinois Audobon's "Stamps for Wildlife Habitat" program which provided support for the school project.

The program takes recycled, commemorative and foreign stamps and postcards and turns them into funds for Illinois Audobon Society and its land acquisition program.

Last year's collection brought in nearly $3,000 for the fund.

MacNeil is quoted in the article as saying, "When you put all those little stamps together, it adds up."

Stamps that can be saved include canceled commemorative stamps, airmail, express, foreign, duck, state conservation, high denomination definitives, picture postcards, unused stamps (regardless of age) and stamp collections (complete or incomplete).

Stamp donations can be sent to Grand Prairie Elementary School, 10482 W. Nebraska St. in Frankfort, or mailed directly to MacNeil, at 689 Golf Club Lane, Frankfort, Ill. 60423.

To read the entire article, click here.
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