Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stamp Artists and Photographers

Have you ever wondered who painted or took the photo that appears on recent U.S. stamps or postal stationary?

Well, the Postal Service's Beyond The Perf website lists 35 artists and photographers they've used to illustrate philatelic items.

Some, like Tom Engeman, have illustrated many stamps and pieces of postal stationary. Others, like Matt Groening (of Simpsons fame), just a few

Alphabetically, they range from photographer Sally Andersen-Bruce whose designs for the Postal Service include Classic American Dolls (1997), Neuter or Spay (2002), Holiday Cookies (2005), Holiday Nutcrackers (2008), and Animal Rescue: adopt a shelter pet (2010) to Ira Wexler who created the image that appears on the current Hanukkah stamp (first Issued in 2009). Wexler provided the photographs for two other stamps: the Purple Heart stamp first issued in 2003 and the 1998 Teddy Bear stamp.

Each artist and photographer has an extensive write-up on the site that tells about their background and training as well as listing stamps and postal stationary they've illustrated.

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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM