Saturday, August 13, 2011

Being a Modern Day Stamp Collector Ain't Easy

Reporter Matthew Nash of Washington state's Sequim Gazette reports becoming a stamp collector is getting harder in an article about the Strait Stamp Society's 16th annual stamp show being held this today.

He quotes Cathie Osborne, show chairperson, as saying, “It used to be that collectors would soak off stamps but now self-stick stamps don’t come off as easily. You have to use chemicals. Kids can’t use those.”

Society member Roy Castell said it's also difficult to remove stamps from Great Britain because of the glues they use.

Lou Ladwig points out the new preference in the post office is for labels rather than stamps so "it takes away part of the fun of receiving a package."

In years to come, Osborne, who collects collect stamps with bells on them, thinks people will remain interested in stamp collecting, but it will probably be harder to find used stamps.

“It’ll be interesting to see where it (the hobby) goes," she said.

Shown above, Roy Castell, left, and Richard Fleck at a meeting of the Strait Stamp Society.

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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM