Tuesday, August 16, 2011

BlackBerry on New Canadian Stamp

The MobileSyrup.com website reports, "Forget the recent William & Kate commemorative stamps. RIM’s BlackBerry smartphone has been immortalized on ink in the Canada Post 'Made in Canada' inventor series. In total there are four inventions that were honoured: Electric Oven, Pacemaker, Electric Wheelchair and the BlackBerry."

According to Canada Post, "Canadians are an inventive bunch. In fact, Canadian inventors have patented more than a million inventions—but far too many of us would be unable to name more than just a few. From Ginger Ale to insulin, from Bombardier’s  'Ski-doo' to Plante’s goalie mask, plus the 'Jolly Jumper,' instant mashed potatoes, the lawn sprinkler and the modern plastic garbage bag, items created from Canadian imagination and insight are a part of our daily lives."

Senior designer Karen Henricks is quoted in the write-up as saying, “Given that the innovations span such a long timeline — from the oven in 1892 to the modern BlackBerry — our design challenge was to find a way to visually link the four stamps. We chose consistent cropping and angles, as well as a palette of co-ordinated colour tints and type, to tie the stamps together as a series.”

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posted by Don Schilling at 12:01 AM