Monday, September 26, 2011

First One to Identify a Stamp, Wins a Prize

According to the Portland Press Herald, Tricia Currie Hunt's "furry felines don't have to be fed or taken to the vet. They're found on postage stamps, the best of which are now on display at the Windham Public Library."

Reporter Don Perkins writes, "Hunt first delved into the art of philately, or stamp collecting, some 25 years ago when she worked in the foreign order department at L.L. Bean. Receiving mail from all over the world adorned with unusual postage stamps, Hunt was intrigued by all the colorful varieties. The company allowed her to remove canceled stamps from mail orders after they'd been processed."

He goes on to pen, "Many countries are represented [in her collection], including Angola, Korea, Poland, Somalia, Hungary, Great Britain, Cuba, Bhutan and Tanzania. She has one labeled "unknown"; she would happily welcome any input as to its origin.

"When she started, she wanted every stamp ever made, but soon realized many collectors have topical collections, narrowing their focus to a specific subject such as Disney, space exploration, dinosaurs or famous people. Hunt ultimately decided to focus on just cats, which she has always loved."

Shown here are some of the stamps in Tricia's collection. Hunt is trying to find out where the stamp on the lower right is from.

If you know, e-mail me at  First correct answer gets a Centenary of Aerial Post Miniature Sheet & Prestige Stamp Book courtesy of Royal Mail.       

Click here to read the entire article.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Congratulations to Charles Cockrell of Jacksonville, FL and Ken Kaylor of Lititz, PA who were the first to respond with the correct answer - Kyrgyzstan, Scott #31.
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