Thursday, January 12, 2012

APS Mystery Stamps of the Month

Can you identify the American Philatelic Society "Mystery Stamps" shown above?

If so, e-mail the Stamp Collecting Round-Up at with the name of the country and Scott Catalogue number.

The first and 11th person to correctly identify the stamp will win a recent commemorative "presentation pack" provided courtesy of Royal Mail.

Congratulations to our November "Mystery Stamp" winners Barry Dootoff of Fernie, B.C. and Joel Boland of Hillsborough, NJ. They were the 1st and 11th readers to correctly identify the stamp shown here as being from White Russia (Belarsus).

Barry writes, "The stamp was a legitimate printing of Belarus in about 1920. The stamps were never used as postage as the then government was absorbed by Russia while the stamps were in transit to the post office and never released for use. My Scott Catalogue recognizes these series of five stamps as legitimate postage stamps but does not give them a identification number."

Your prizes are on their way!
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posted by Don Schilling at 8:10 AM